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Passion, purpose and my journey in podcasting

Most good things in life are driven by passion. Passion and purpose. These twin Ps are what caused me to create my company Hyperion Executive Search. Hyperion have become a global leader in executive search in the cleantech sector. And it gives the whole team a huge buzz that we are helping some of the most […]

Catch 22: Raising finance without a strong management team

It can be a bit of a Catch-22 I know. Investors want to see a solid and rounded management team in your start-up, to mitigate the risk of their investment, but you need the investment to hire the management team you need. This is something I hear often. My company works with many post-investment start-ups, […]

How flexible working, and flexibility can boost your business

With LinkedIn currently running its #ParentsAtWork campaign to highlight the challenges many parents at work, I thought this the perfect opportunity to share why I think providing flexible working, and being flexible, are a huge benefit to both employer and employee. I speak as a father, as an employer and owner of a business, and […]

Why you are losing great employees

Those who take their business or leadership role seriously know that life is much easier and business is much more successful with real talent in your team. The CEO’s of two of the most successful businesses in corporate history, Steve Jobs at Apple and Jack Welch at GE, were both very vocal about having A […]

How to avoid scaling up killing your company culture

The moment your very success is the very thing that threatens to kill your business comes as quite a surprise. For me the moment, in my last business, hit me like a slap in the face with a wet fish. Not something you forget! I co-founded a renewable technology installation/EPC company back in 2007, pre-FIT […]

Never mind the Lithium, what about the talent?!

As the clean energy transition grows, there is increasingly a skills and talent gap. This is an article I had published in Smart Cities World (link to the original below). Throughout my time in the clean energy sector there has always been talk of scarcity of supply; first it was silicon, then in the boom […]

Me, Bear Grylls and a toilet

As part of my selection for #LinkedInTopVoices 2018, I was asked to write something about me that isn’t on my LinkedIn profile. This came to mind. At the end of 2007, after 17 years in executive search, I co-founded, along with Mike Clarke, a renewable energy installation company. In May of 2008 we passed our […]