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Charlotta Holmquist, Blixt

I first saw Charlotta pitch Blixt at Ecosummit and was subsequently introduced via my friends at BayWa Ventures. I loved her enthusiasm, and I take my hat off to anyone that has founded, exited and founded companies on many occasions. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by her story. About our guest Charlotta has been an […]

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Dr Pete Armstrong, Mixergy

I first met Pete Armstrong as he was pitching at the Ecosummit event in Berlin in 2018 and last year. The scale of the impact possible in transforming our heating and water storage systems in our homes blew my mind. I’ve always been so involved in the ‘electrification of everything’, so I’ve watched since with […]

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Kimmo Rauma, VP Danfoss Power Solutions

I first became aware of the work of Kimmo Rauma, and Visedo from my good friends at Life Size. I’ve long believed in the electrification of everything, though I’m always open to be persuaded otherwise! There are of course some areas where that is far more challenging. Heat is one, and long haul and heavy […]

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Mike Hopkins, Cleantech investor and CEO

What’s it all about? I first reached out to Mike as I saw the incredible work he was doing as CEO of Ice Energy. As you’ll know, as much as I love traditional battery storage technologies, I also have a passion for thermal storage solutions, and Ice Energy has a great product. I’ve kept in […]


Robert Trezona, IP Group

What’s it all about? I first met Robert and the IP Group team as we were both pitching at EcoSummit in Berlin. An event that brings together the best investors, VCs, CVCs and corporate venturing teams, with the best cleantech start-ups across Europe. IP Group are a bit different from most investors, making very early […]


Sampo Hietanen – MaaS Global

Synopsis I was first introduced to the world of smart and future mobility some years ago by Author, Key Note speaker and Hyperion Executive Search advisor Lukas Neckermann. It was Lukas who also introduced me to Sampo Hietanen and his company MaaS Global. I’ve been a convert to the concept of Mobility as a Service […]

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Charlie Blair, Gravitricity

What’s it all about? At Hyperion we love all things energy storage, and we’re always following new companies and technologies that can and will enable the energy transition. I recently met the team from Gravitricity at a trade show I was speaking at, and liked the look of their solution, anything that uses old and […]

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Simon Moores – Benchmark Minerals

What’s it all about? It’s taken a while to get this in our diaries, but I’ve been following and speaking to Simon for some time, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to record this exploration of the battery supply chain, ethics, issues and costs that are so instrumental to the evolution and massive ramp […]

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Doron Frenkel, CEO Driivz

What’s it all about? The success of the eMobility revolution hinges on many things, more vehicles of course, the charging infrastructure, and of course the brains that connect everything and make it all work. This week I’m speaking with Doran Frenkel, CEO of a company that is the brains behind the eMobility revolution. About our […]